Some amazing restaurants for a date in Sydney

You have been living in Australia for a while now, but you still can’t find a decent restaurant. This is because you have been going to the wrong places. To help you out, here is a list of amazing restaurants in Sydney that will stir your taste buds and leave you craving for more.


This Japanese restaurant has gained much popularity ever since its opening back in 2002. It was ranked 17th by “Australian Gourmet Traveller” magazine for being one of Australia’s best restaurants ever made – not just in Sydney! The chefs here are well-travelled all around Japan and perfected their craft to come up with what they serve to their customers today. What makes this establishment stand out from other Japanese restaurants is their emphasis on serving what they cook – meaning you serve yourself, and the chef serves the food after he collects your plate. The prices might be a bit high, but it’s definitely worth every dollar.



For those who want to dine out at a place that looks like home, Quay would be perfect for you! Located in Sydney’s CBD (central business district), this establishment is just right beside the opera house and harbour bridge – which means extraordinary views as well as delicious dishes! Just by looking at it gives everyone that warm feeling inside because of its beautiful exterior and interior design. You can choose from their set menu or order à la carte. Their set menu would include 6 courses but if you are not the person who likes to remain in one place for too long, then maybe ordering 5 or 6 dishes will be more suitable for your taste buds!



If you’re looking for a restaurant that doesn’t just serve great food but has great people as well, then Kazbah is the perfect restaurant for you! It was established in 2006 with much success by three friends who went to school together. The owner’s dedication in making everything right from scratch is what makes their establishment so successful today! During lunch time, this Lebanese restaurant serves salads and much more while dinner time is dedicated towards serving kebabs and other mouth-watering dishes.


Billy Kwong

Another restaurant that is a must visit, Billy kwong has been active since 1998 and was actually the first restaurant in Sydney to bring authentic Chinese cuisine! Just like Kazbah, this establishment also serves food from different courses such as steamed dumplings, chicken skewers and much more! This place is perfect for those who love spicy meals because they add “chilli” to everything they serve! If you’re not so familiar with Asian cuisines but truly wish to try one out, then maybe this would be your chance! The staff here are very helpful too when it comes to choosing which dishes to order.

Billy Kwong:

Nourish your culture in Sydney…

If you are tired of eating out at the same old places, why not try these amazing restaurants that serve food from different cultures? You might actually discover a whole new world in itself! You can visit one or all of them when you have time and never be disappointed with what they offer because they’re truly the best when it comes to serving delicious meals for their customers. No wonder why most people find their way here whenever they feel hungry or just want to satisfy their cravings for great food! Visit any of these restaurant’s website if you wish to know more about them.

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