MasturbationGuide: 5 Recommended Healthy Masturbation Tips for Men and The Role of Bisexual Porn

Masturbation is viewed from a different perspective and has a different meaning to different people. For example, in the United States, masturbation is seen as part of a healthy lifestyle, while in some other cultures, it is seen as strange and never encouraged. But whichever culture you draw your idea of masturbation from, this article draws its points from the scientific perspective. Below, we have listed some scientifically approved masturbation tips every man who engages in masturbation should try out.

1.         Don’t Stick to a Position

If you are the type that always masturbates at one spot and assuming the same position year in year out, then it is time for you to change your position. If you are the type that usually stands, try out a new position by sitting or lying down. By doing this, you are improving the tone of the muscles around your pelvic floor, hence, improve the flow of blood to the penis. So, changing your position not only feels good to the practitioner but also increases the strength of their erection.

2.         Masturbate After a Workout

There is a reason for this. The thing is, hormones are released while you work out. Not just the hormones, the dopamine, adrenaline, and other “feel-good” chemicals are released. Another reason to masturbate after a workout is that the endorphins are usually high during this time, the pelvic floor muscles are very relaxed, and the blood flow is just perfect – about the best time to jerk off.

3.         Avoid Boring Bisexual Porn Videos

Getting an erection can be a big deal, hence, the need for good bisexual porn. The point is, whether you are gay, heterosexual, or have a whole different type of sexual orientation, bisexual porn videos have a way of stimulating your sexual fantasy. So, go ahead, get rid of boring video sexual stimulators and get your erection in minutes.

4.         Use the Right Vibrator

We bet not every man knows that the male folks also have a sex toy. Well, they do. We don’t go into recommending brands, but get something that fits the size of your penis – not too tight, not too loose. And again, we must add, don’t be shy of getting a vibrator for yourself (especially those that work for you). Again, adjust it to the vibration level that works for you, don’t get too carried away by its pleasure, be moderate with the settings.

5.         Leverage Cock Ring

Also called the penis ring, it is a band that goes around the base of the penis (though others run through the tentacles). Their job is to trap the flow of blood in the shaft, thus, making your erection come out stronger. But for fast remedy, use bisexual porn videos.


Although masturbation gives extreme pleasure, please do not overdo it, don’t abuse the process. Also, leverage to a large extent the bisexual porn videos, it has a way of giving you an easy edge to an erection. But in all you do, keep it healthy.