The Myth Is Busted By Groundbreaking Studies

Many anti-porn lobby advocates porn activates many neurochemical changes in the brain. But revolutionary research shows. Otherwise, people who consume excessive porn are actually individuals with high sex curving, not people engulfed by sex and porn. The anti-porn group suggests it is a public health issue not related to free speech. They articulated if the consumer and society knew about the ill effects of porn, they would try to regulate it. These unfounded apprehensions invoke brain-associated jargon, dopamine, and desensitization consequences of too much porn consumption. Brain science is trending, and the use of these lingos makes the accusation against porn look scientific and credible.   

Innovative research work

But in reality, no extensive research work has been conducted investigating the brain algorithm and behavior of people watching porn, and no study has been carried out about the brain functions of those supposedly addicted to porn. So most of these opinions stand on rhetoric, supposition, and applying other research investigating sexual behavior. But fortunately, innovative research work is conducted examining the brain of people of alleged porn addicted. The findings are absorbing; the outcome is the opposite of the rhetoric preached.

EEG report

EEG testing was done on people examining the effects of visual erotica on the brain of people those assumed with a porn problem. Fifty-two porn addicts, including men and women, were examined for electrical activity when they watched caught videos xxx porn movies. It was assumed the electrical pulses would to similar to drug or alcohol addicts when they consume drugs or alcohol. If the porn addiction theory was true, then people with alleged sex addiction would exhibit the same diminished electrical response in the brain. In contrast, they showed increased electrical brain response while enjoying visual erotica.

The benefits

This study shows porn does not cause irrevocable brain or sex life damage to viewers. If consumed moderately, it can bring some benefits to you. According to a study conducted in 2008 on six hundred eighty-eight Danish citizens, porn did not invoke any negative mental or physical effects on the participants. In fact, the research showed a close association between porn viewing and enhanced sexual satisfaction. Porn is great when you want your fantasies to be created by someone else.