Rise in the Popularity of Online Dating Platforms

Online Dating Platforms aim to connect two individuals who share similar interests, hobbies, and qualities. These platforms provide users with custom search options, convenience, and ease of use for a smooth dating experience.

Since the term Online Dating came into existence, Online Dating Platforms have emerged. However, their popularity has increased with rising Internet users and growing acceptance of online dating culture in the last decade. Asian countries contribute highly to the surge, and AsianDate is the most famous platform for Online Dating.

As of 2021, Around 323 Million people use online dating platforms worldwide. And in this, almost 20 Million people pay for the premium subscriptions. The majority of these platform users are of the age group between 18-29 years old.

Many significant reasons gave a rise in its popularity, but some of the major ones are:

·         Large Pool of Potential Partners

Online Platforms provide free access to profile setup for any individual. This profile setup is also quick and easy. It gives access to many profiles on the platform, allowing people to choose their potential partners from the diverse pool of candidates. It provides users with the leverage to choose from people other than their immediate social circle. It also eliminates the demographic differences. These benefits increased the account creations and thus became popular among everyone.

·         The concept of late marriages

The Millennial generation has outgrown the concept of the traditional marriage system. These people often choose to stay single and delay marriage. They invest time in prioritizing their career at present rather than meeting random people and settling for marriage. And that’s why people go for online dating Asian girls, making online dating platforms more popular.

·         The Lockdown Effect

During the global pandemic, people faced lockdown for an extended period. This lockdown contributed majorly to the rise of popularity of these platforms. Due to social isolation during these times, people moved to online dating platforms in search of companionship. Also, these platforms added video calling features during the lockdown to give an experience similar to face-to-face interaction.

All these reasons conclude that online dating platforms are here to stay for a long time and become more popular.