6 Pieces Of Advice For Beginner Swingers?

Swinging refers to a sexual activity in which singles, or people in committed, non-monogamous relationships, engage in sexual activities together with singles and couples as a way of socialization and recreation. Swinging may involve one partner swapping with the other, with one party watching the other engage in oral sex, sexual intercourse with another consenting person, or group sex between consenting singles and other couples. These activities can take place at home, at a party or with other couples who are interested in swinging. Swingers, also known as swingers, report a stronger physical and emotional bond and increased quality and quantity of sex within and outside of their relationship. Polyamory is another open relationship where multiple partners form romantic bonds. Swinging is not the same as swinging.

7 Tips to Swing
These are some tips for first-time swingers to ease into the swinging lifestyle.

1) Maintain open communication
Communication between partners is key to a swinging relationship that works. Trust is the key to swinging. Both partners must be on the same page, feel secure in their relationship, and have the same goals for the lifestyle to work. Talk to your partner about what drives you and what worries you.

2) Establish clear boundaries.
To ensure they are happy with their lifestyle, every couple that swings will establish some ground rules. Some swingers do not allow heavy petting or foreplay (sometimes called soft swap or soft swapping). Other couples allow oral, vaginal and anal sex while still swinging (sometimes called full swap or “full switching”). While some couples like threesomes, others prefer having casual sex before going back together. Talk to your partner about your comfort levels and only proceed if you reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

3) Slow down.
For your first experience, you don’t need to go to a swingers club or organize an organization. You can easily get into the swinging lifestyle by browsing porn and swinging websites together with your partner. This will allow you to fantasize about what kind of partners you might want to invite to your relationship.

4) Create a signal.
In the heat of the moment, new swingers might discover that they are too anxious or uncomfortable about a situation. This is normal. You don’t want yourself to be stuck in awkward situations without a way to get out. You can communicate with your partner by creating a code word, or any other signal. These signals can be used to encourage your partner or to let them know that you aren’t ready.

5) Keep It Safe
Safe sex is achieved by using condoms and dental dams, as well as regular testing for STDs. This will ensure that you and your partner are healthy.
6) You might consider branching out. After you have found a good rhythm for having sex, it is time to look into other ways to meet like-minded people. There are three places that swingers can meet to hook up: swinger parties and swingers’ conventions. You may also find other couples who share your passion for sex.

7) Be aware of etiquette.
To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, conventions, parties and swing clubs will have their own rules. These rules include alcohol, nudity and RSVPing. Look online at swingtowns.com for the rules of each venue before you go. If you have any questions, please ask the host at your arrival.