7 Reasons Age Doesn’t Matter in Marriage

Marriage is beautiful, but it shouldn’t be rushed or forced just because you reach a certain age. It should be a relationship where you can grow old with your partner, have children, and comfort each other in tough times. Here are seven reasons why age shouldn’t matter in marriage:

  1. Not Everyone Wants Kids: Many people think you should marry young to start a family early. But what about couples who want to find a soulmate without having children? They should be able to marry whenever they want.
  2. People Mature at Different Rates: Being ready for marriage doesn’t happen at the same age for everyone. It’s not a race to the altar. You should get married when you feel ready, period.
  3. There’s No Time Limit: Marriage isn’t like motherhood, where there’s a biological clock for having babies. Marriage shouldn’t be rushed.
  4. Finding the Right Partner Takes Time: I was lucky to marry a great friend, partner, and father at 25. But a lot of that was chance. It’s crucial to marry the right person, not just to marry someone.
  5. Some People Need More Time: You know those who marry at 23 but are divorced by 28? Often, it’s because they didn’t take enough time to live their own lives first. Whether you’re single or married in your 20s, enjoy them in your own way.
  6. Being Single at 29 Isn’t a Bad Thing: It’s better to be single and honest with yourself than to rush into a bad marriage because of social pressure. You’re still young and have time to find the right person.
  7. Your Relationship Can Surprise People: My husband and I proved everyone wrong. People often doubt young couples, but we lasted. Some young marriages do work out. Age isn’t everything.

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